8.2.2010- Model Event training

From 14:00 the model event area will be opened for training and ski testing. Model event area is the same like middle distance and long distance, so you will find the place on the map in your bags. Bus schedule will be online in a few minutes.


7.2.2010- Training cancelled!!!

Because of the heavy snowfall we have to cancel tomorrows training!! We need all ski-doo's and people to prepare the competition tracks, so we have no possibility to prepare training area. You can use the towns parks and green areas for ski training. Sorry...


7.2.2010- WMOC startlists

The startlist of WMOC competitions are online!


14.1.2010- Final entry

Final entry is now online! You can find it in the o-centre. Feel free to send your final entry!
We kindly ask all competitors who haven't sent their accommodation, transport information to send them as fast as possible. Thank you!


12.1.2010- TV Promo!

Here you can download the TV Promo! (right click -> save link as...)
It's in Romanian language but you may enjoy the pictures :)


26.12.2009 - LIVE TV broadcasting!

We can inform you that the central-eastern European sports channel SportKlub will broadcast first time ever ski-o competitions LIVE! Middle distance will be shown in the evening of the competition day and the other 3 competitions will be LIVE. We have the possibility to give free signal to all interested TV companies, so please contact your local companies, maybe we could get some more countries to show ski-o on TV! If somebody is interested please contact (only WCup/EOC races will be on TV)


17.12.2009 - Questionnaire

We would like to ask all competitors to fill out the questionnaire. Our speakers and TV commentators would have more information about you. You can find the questionnaire here.


16.12.2009 - Live webcam from Harghita Bai!

Here you can follow a live webcam from Harghita Bai.


08.12.2009 - Bulletin 3

Bulletin 3 is now online.


25.11.2009 - PreEntry

Dear Federations! We would like to remind You to that the deadline for PreEntry is the 30th of November. Please register in O-Centre and make you PreEntries


19.11.2009 - SWIFT Code

Unfortunately there was an error in the Bulletin 2. The right SWIFT Code is: BTRLRO22
We are sorry for the error.


11.11.2009 - Transport from WCup round in Bulgaria for 35 EUR !
We offer bus transport from Bulgarian World Cup round to Miercurea Ciuc on Sunday 7th of February. This transfer will include a short guided (english speaking) sightseeing tour in Bucharest. You can book the transport trough ocenter for 35 EUR/ person.

10.11.2009 - Open relay on Sunday 14th of February!
Because of large interest we decided to organize an open relay competition on Sunday 14th of February. More information will be available later on.

09.11.2009 - O-Centre is now online!
The online entry is open! Feel free to register for the competitions! We are sorry for the one week delay.

01.11.2009 - Because of technical problems, the opening of o-centre will be delayed till the 9th of November.

22.10.2009 - The first snow arrived!

11.09.2009 - Ski-O EA Clinic on the rest day

The IOF Ski-O Commission will organise an IOF Event Advisers` clinic on the rest day of the event (February 12). For more information, please see the invitation.
01.09.2009 - Bulletin 2 is online - European Championships and EYOC Sprint included into the program

Bulletin 2 is now online. You can find information about entry fees, accomodation. The World Cup round will be also European Ski Orienteering Championships. The Sprint race is also newly included to the EYOC program.
20.07.2009 - Photos of competition areas online

You can find some photos of the competition area in the Photos link.
16.06.2009 - New page online

Our new webpage is online. You can find Bulletin 1 for World Cup, EYOC, JWOC and WMOC and also old maps of competition areas.